FBI.OLCUS – The software for all conceivable experimental components, also the ones you already have running!

Neurophysiology, drug testing, psychophysics, operant learning, circadian rhythm, lesionstudying, phenotyping, neurodegenerative diseases, feed testing, diagnostics…

Olcus Olcus_2

Key Features

  • Free combinability of many devices, measuring instruments & monitoring equipment
  • Full automation, e.g. with transponder detection and time management
  • Expandable anytime
  • Grafically orientated Drag & Drop-interface, automatic generation of code
  • Simulation of experiments and devices; high temporal precision
  • Supporting import and export into all current filetypes, even with accessibility to databases.
  • Dataflow orientated and disposable transmission routes
  • Tracking, localisation,transponder management, automatically rewards, rewardprograms, prepared learning experiments, stimulusgeneration also in 3D
  • Multitouchscreenaccessibility, networkcommunication, remote control
  • Usage in laboratorys and on field
  • Contact us for an available testversion!