The universal experimental chamber for behavioral research

It is a multimedia capable chamber for experimental animal research, utilizing modern technology for simple and complex cognitive tasks. This robust box is suitable for pigeons, rats, guinea pigs and mice. Training and analysis of animal behaviour is much easier for both, the animal and the operator.

One box for every task and animal

Visual and acoustic stimuli presentation including video displays can be performed with high precision (in milliseconds). You can alter the mechanical configuration of the box within minutes. You don’t need pick discs, light bulbs and leavers anymore: The nose poke, paw press or beak pick can be exactly located. Hence, visual (half)field presentations and compensatory head/eye movement setups can be achieved. The experimental animals are more ready to learn a task, since operational ease is greater, and feedback more immediate. Nevertheless, you can order the traditional light bulbs, levers or pick discs as well.

Easy to configure

Direct the process of your experiment with a script book – no programming skills are necessary for the complete control of your experimental setup. The ambient and concise appearance of our software and the intuitive approach of the script language speeds up the development of experimental designs. Standard experimental designs are already available (e.g. go/no go, forced choice, short time memory etc.). The software is capable of synchronous and asynchronous control of up to 30 FBI-boxes independently. All functions can communicate in real time with each other and with other programs, too. You have complete control over the processes running, enabling online analysis and reports of your data.

Easy adaptation

Several display controls, feeding mechanisms and sensors are available and can be mounted quickly inside the FBI-box. Due to the robust aluminum/acrylic construction and the lack of a fixed mounting base, the cage can be easily transported. Cables and connections can be reduced to a minimum by the use of radio transmission. We have a range of accessories in addition to the basic FBI-Box system: You just need to buy the equipment you need. The space inside the box can be reduced with available dividers. Furthermore, this chamber type is available in two different sizes. If you have special requests feel free to have an FBI-box customised to your own requirements. Even in rough environment this FBI-box grants reliable operation. The design concept supports easy cleaning and is impact resistant. The SPF-version of this box can even be autoclaved.

Network compatibility

The built in infrared camera and remote control ability of the software enables the operation and surveillance of this box from any computer that is connected to the same network system.

No power connection necessary

If you choose to get the option with the notebook you can operate the whole system for hours without a power socket. Furthermore, the WLAN-option provides you with wireless network access.

For scientists, developed by scientists

We take competent service seriously and assist with the planning of your experiments. We have a web based trouble shooting system and a news/information board where users exchange experience.

The open interface

With our system you can connect to existing information and database systems using various extensions that we offer.

A platform with an open interface

Veterinary clinics have access to pharmaceutical and medical databases; laboratories are connected with existing SAP-databases and information about their ongoing experiments. It is possible to connect to personnel databases or any other necessary data source.

The complete package

The modular box system comes with two touch screen displays, a food dispenser and an infrared video surveillance. The box can be ordered with an extra small and silent high end computer system, radio controlled keyboard and optical mouse and an 17 inch TFT monitor or with a small high end professional notebook. The hardware interface for controlling several boxes at once is included with the first FBI-box.

48 channels, freely configurable with
– 16-bit timers/counters (separate prescalers, compare & capture mode)
– nanosecond gates and comparators
– realtime counters
– 16bit pulse width modulated channels
– 10bit ADCs
– USARTs, I2C, IEEE 1149.1, M/S SPI, USB
– RISC, PLD and memory on board

3D Animation designed to scale


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