AniLoc© – the animal locator system from FBI Science

A system for automatic recording of social behavior in a free -living wild animal population


AniLoc© measures the activity of small animals in their home cage by locating the transponder tags of individual animals housed in a social group within one home cage.
No light or vision is neccesary!
Several antenna zones mounted beneath the cage, aquarium, terrarium or outside in the field can be distinguished. This technology is available for various animal species, different zone sizes and numbers.

Major features are:

  • Continious long-term measurement of individual animal movement between zones, acquision of light and temperature
  • Social group housing of animals exposes more natural behaviour
  • Arrays of cages can be monitored in a rack with a single controller unit
  • Communication between arrays via cascadable CAN-Bus (adapter CAN2USB available upon request)
  • Small form factor of the equipment with minimal cabeling
  • Software can be interfaced with other applications, data bases and remote data transfer
  • Optimal for measuring circadian acticity, slowly progressing degenerative changes in the CNS or analysis of drug, lesion or genetic effects


Mice access nest boxes through acrylic tunnels. Each tunnel is equipped with 2 antennas to allow discrimination between an individual entering or leaving a box. Shown here is the positioning of the 2 antennas, each connected to an AniLoc device, with a mouse passing through the “outer” antenna.

Data collection ensues best via OLCUS. The use of both, AniLoc© and OLCUS results in a very powerful process, that will contribute your research work far more than you can imagine.

Write us an email or give us a call to test this equipment with your animals! Limited test samples are available as an 10th year anniversary offer!